China, Kenya Relations And Questions About Racial Discrimination

The chinese have created themselves as among the largest investors in Africa’s infrastructure projects. In Kenya, one of the flagship projects is the nation’s brand new standard gauge railroad , which can be estimated to be worth $3.2 billion.

Several other chinese jobs have been initiated from the country, especially in the production, hospitality and construction businesses. However, this booming business partnership hasn’t been without challenges.

A couple of weeks ago, an investigative journalist disclosed that Kenyan employees in the chinese-built railway were subjected to repeated episodes of racial discrimination and misuse by their own Chinese managers.

Additional allegations were the Chinese nationals were performing tasks that should have been completed by Kenyans, which exceptionally qualified Kenyan employees were assigned minor functions. Additionally, it is alleged that Kenyan employees were segregated by their colleagues in eating places, bathrooms, accommodation and traveling. The journalist also discovered pay disparities on the grounds of race.

In reaction to this exposé, the cabinet secretary at the ministry of labor formed a group to probe that the allegations. At precisely the exact same time, the authorities asked Kenyans to endure with all the Chinese.

The nation has signed that the International Convention against racial discrimination. Its constitution also protects individuals from racial discrimination, as do numerous its own laws. Thus far, reported incidents of racism are dealt with at a lacklustre fashion or ignored. Kenya is failing to satisfy its responsibilities to its own people.

Dealing With Discrimination

Three decades ago a Chinese restaurant has been closed down following reports that it barred black patrons out of its assumptions after 5 pm. It needs to be said, however, the restaurant was closed down for allegedly not having a legitimate business license. This meant that the owners weren’t held to account for profiling black patrons.

They have been denounced as a clear display of stereotypical behavior. Nonetheless, it’s quite probable that lots of instances of racial discrimination do not make news; maybe because individuals do not understand their rights or Kenya has a legal framework to handle these instances.

Aside from global conventions, and its own constitution, the State has laws that prohibit racist behaviour. The usage of words meant to incite feelings of contempt, hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence against any individual, community or group based on basis of ethnicity or race.

Sometimes the legislation work, and at times they do not. Examples of where they’ve functioned comprise a judgment made by the Employment and Labour Court that granted reimbursement to workers of a research institute who were discriminated against by their employer to racial grounds.

Road Forward

While Kenya could be applauded for using a legal framework which Prohibits racial discrimination, the normal state response to racial prejudice does little to discourage potential offenders. It was observed clearly by the government’s lukewarm response to reports of Chinese racism.

With the exclusion of a chinese national who had been deported to get a racist outburst contrary to Kenyans he called President Uhuru Kenyatta that a “fighter” serious actions is rarely taken to manage incidents of racial discrimination contrary to local men and women. In reality, an individual could assert that stern action was removed from the Chinese deportee simply since he insulted the president.

But they’re doing this at the expense of the dignity of their people. Every racist, however precious the government devoting their gifts to be, has to be exposed to prosecution and punishment.

It’s laudable that because of societal media and the media generally, episodes of racism from Kenyans are slowly being emphasized more. This public correlation and recognition is very likely to discourage brazen episodes of racism. This endeavor should be equally paired with punishment that Provides a definite Saying that racism is abhorred and won’t be tolerated.